Names Released

Ken Ward has reported that an official list of the names of the miners who died at Upper Big Branch was at last released, by the West Virginia Medical Examiner. (My own calls to the ME’s office remain unreturned.) Rose & Quesenberry Funeral Home, resopnsible for some of the funeral arrangements, has also put up a full list here.

Most of these names, if not all, were already known unofficially through private memorials, obituaries, Web pages, families and friends. Ken has been posting the many of the deeply touching obituaries as these become available. (Meanwhile the company had declined to release the names officially, citing family privacy. MSHA deferred to the company.)

Here, then, is the roll of those who lost their lives in the tragic Upper Big Branch mine explosion on April 5. The information is taken from Ken’s official list supplemented with obituary notices. (Note, in some cases I haven’t located a middle name and will update when possible.)


Carl Calvin Acord, 52
Jason Matthew Atkins, 25
Christopher Lee Bell, Sr., 33
Gregory Steven Brock, 47
Kenneth Allan Chapman, 53
Robert Eugene Clark, 41
Charles Timothy Davis, 51
Cory Thomas Davis, 20
Michael Lee Elswick, 56
William Ildon Griffith, 54
Steven J. Harrah, 40
Edward Dean Jones, 50
Richard Keith Lane, 45
William Roosevelt Lynch, 59
Nicholas Darrell McCroskey, 26
Joe Marcum, 57
Ronald Lee Maynor, 31
James E. Mooney, 50
Adam Keith Morgan, 21
Rex Lane Mullins, 50
Joshua Scott Napper, 25
Howard D. Payne, 53
Dillard Earl Persinger, 32
Joel R. Price, 55
Gary Quarles, 33
Deward Allan Scott, 58
Grover Dale Skeens, 57
Benny R. Willingham, 61
Ricky Workman, 50

May they rest in peace and may their families find comfort in their faith and in one another.


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